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The Woolf's Den

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2 October
What I am: political scientist, singer, songwriter, copyeditor, proofreader, gamer, polisci geek, student, teacher, actor, cook, foodie, father, husband, synthesist, writer, humorist, sleepy, off-kilter, friendly by default.

My journal is for writing. As such you will rarely see memes and I will not post quiz results, though on rare occasions I will take a quiz posted in somebody else's journal. I generally skip memes and quizzes in other people's journals. Its not that I don't like you or playing fun games with you, but my life is pretty busy as it is. I am Daddy for two small redheads and husband to a taller redhead, househubby, hunting for work, active in local theater, and commonly overwhelmed by chores. I have less time than I'd like for both reading and for hanging our with friends, but I am making an effort to do more of both.

I like people. I do not like hurting people. Sometimes, like all people, I make mistakes. If I should hurt you, please let me know and please give me a chance to both apologize and make it right.

If you'd like to know more, check my interests or ask me. I will answer, no matter what.

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